30 hummingbirds taking a morning shower, then camera films what no one expected!

Amazing! This Creature is one of the smallest birds in the world and lives only in America. Hummingbirds feed on small insects and flower nectar. The colors of its feathers are red, purple, yellow, and green.

The hummingbird is a loner and has a bad temper. If another hummingbird approaches its territory, be it male or female, it will chase them away without gentleness. However, what you will see in this video is so adorable and cute. It could be a world record because personally, I have never seen such hummingbirds gathering. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


I can’t remember that I’ve ever seen more than two hummingbirds at once and I don’t know how this guy succeeded to film 30 of them at once! This birdbath seems to be a very popular spot for these hummingbirds but I think that even the person who put this up did not wait to see this huge number of these adorable creatures that appeared doing their cute daily routine.

One thing I would blame the guy who took this video for is the shortness of video! I did not get enough from watching this, I wish it lasted for an hour or even more!

This is so mesmerizing. I could watch this for at least another hour (and would probably still ask for more)

“You’ve made a little paradise that’s made dozens of tiny lives happier, good on you my man.” Source: Youtube/wildwingsla

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Sources: Sunniesdays

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