A Video of ‘Dancing Nuns’ Leaves Mouths Wide Open With Their Surprise Performance

Twelve modest ladies clad in Catholic Nun habits and dainty white gloves take to the floor and begin an elegant, flowing dance for their audience. Starting with their backs to the audience they soon turn to the front with elegant symmetry and begin to deliver their lovely dance routine.

As the ladies move in choreographed synchrony in time with the gentle, soulful music you could almost be forgiven for believing they are graceful emissaries to the glory of God and the Church. Until you notice something odd. The devout divine dozen are wearing sneakers of every brightly assorted color! When a choir suddenly starts singing the well-known song, “I Will Follow Him”, from the movie “Sister Act,” you know this show is going somewhere. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


Just like they did at the end of the Whoopie Goldberg classic movie, “Sister Act”, the feisty fake “nuns” really get their jive going. They morph into a dance troop that can really bust some moves and brings smiles to every face.

The sizzling sisters pull up their hems and shimmy to the beat with the best of them. Move over Beethoven! For the unsuspecting, this sister act turned out to be a humorous prank delivering some delightful entertainment.

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Sources: WWJD

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