“Why Did God Create Grandmas?” This Boy’s Adorable Answer Has Everyone Cracking Up

Youthful Insight – Why God Made Grandmas.

Grandparents are a unique species within the species of homo sapiens. They usually can do no wrong, say no wrong, are both super loving and lovable, and spoil small children to bits. That is if the classic homo sapiens parents allow this type of relationship between their offspring and this unique species. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

This natural relationship between offspring and grandparents can, unfortunately, be under stress due to the “inlaw”-virus, which can be carried over between parents and the grandparent species, which can sometimes hamper healthy relationships. Luckily this is more the exception that the rule. Grandparents are mostly the most loving creatures God has made.

They are capable of giving unconditional love due to their unique relation to the parent’s offspring. Not having to endure or deal with the loving small ones’ occasional tantrum fits, misbehaving and disobedience, they are capable of just pouring out their love in any way they feel fit.

In this very short clip, a boy explains, very shortly, why he thinks God has made grandmas. His description does not deviate any from the above characteristics of the grandparent species, and he is clearly impressed with the advanced age they can reach. Enjoy the clip made by KidsTalkAboutGod.org


Sources: Madlyodd

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