She Started to Dance. but When You See What Her Dog Does Next, You’ll Be Mesmerized!

The following video features a woman and her beautiful dog. This duo took to the stage to perform an amazing routine that succeeded in leaving a lot of people in complete awe. This act is from the annual Eurasia dog show in Moscow. The pooch does some brilliant tricks alongside his trainer in a piece of music for this freestyle act.

These competitions get conducted every year and they have been going on since 1989. During the performance, the dogs must stay near their trainers and then go on to execute a series of tricks in sequence. I am really glad that we got a chance to experience such an incredible performance! They are going to win your heart over with this! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


This breed of dog is known as a Newfoundland, one of the largest dog breeds in the world. This one is particularly cute wearing a sweet bow around her neck for the show. The dog’s owner is pretending to be a dancer in a music box, and the dog responds to her movements as if they were signals.

Front, back, side-to-side, kicking, making circles, this dog can do it all. She follows her owner flawlessly and the dog’s eyes never leave her owner’s face.

Clearly this dog and owner have a very close relationship. This routine must have taken hours and hours of practice. Such discipline. Most humans don’t have this kind of focus. Bravo for this incredible dog!

Watch their performance in the video below! What are your thoughts on this? Share them in the comments section!


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