5 Warning Signs You Are Dating A Toxic Man

When you are in love, it is very difficult to actually find out that the person you are dating is toxic. You can find out these things over time but not at the beginning of the relationship.

He is always the victim.
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No matter what happens in your life, he is always a victim and you are guilty of everything. He is someone who is always painting himself as a victim in life. This is a major red flag that your man isn’t what he represented himself to be. He was just pretending to be a nice guy, but in fact, he was always a jerk in disguise.

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With a man like this, you will never be able to truly be happy because he won’t let you. His needs and his happiness are more important than yours and it looks like you are dating a child and not an adult.

Try to talk to him and make some compromise. If he even doesn’t want to listen to you, just leave. There is no need to waste your nerves on a spoiled man like this.

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He is controlling.
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This is a big red flag! People who try to control their significant others in relationships can actually never make them happy. He makes you feel so bad and you don’t have the right to do anything without him.

Just think about all the controlling that he puts in front of you: he needs to know when you are coming back home and who you went out with.

He will want to know if there were any guys in your company and if they hit on you. A man like this is totally insecure and he has low self-esteem.

He will never be the man of your dreams because of the tons of the insecurities he has and he will never let you be happy with him.

This is not how you are supposed to feel in a relationship. You should tell him that, and if he still insists on his own way, there is no need to stay in a sick and bad relationship.

Go away while you still can—it is the best solution you could ever make.

They never seem to give you a straight answer.
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If you find that your partner is always avoiding discussions or topics that actually matter in your relationship, he is either hiding something or is unable to have this type of conversation.

If you see that your man can’t answer the simplest question like: “How was your day?”, it means that he has some problems.

Maybe he doesn’t want you to know what he did that day or there is a possibility that he is cheating on you, so doesn’t want you to know where he has been. He knows that you can check if he stayed with some friends or if he went for a coffee in a nearby cafe.

Another bad sign is that you get a question instead of an answer. All of a sudden, they have so many things to ask you just when you are seeking some answers.

A common saying is: “Attack is the best defense!” Try to find out what your man actually wants from you. At least, you can still get away in time—you are not married!

He doesn’t really listen to you.
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Communication is a key to a successful relationship. If someone constantly speaks far more than they listen, then it is a warning sign that they could be self-centered.

If you feel that you can’t talk with your partner openly, it means that there are some things that the two of you need to talk about. Communication is essential in every relationship, especially a love one. If you can’t talk to your man, there is nothing you can do with him anymore.

You have to tell your partner that just like him, you also have your needs and you need him to listen to you. Otherwise, that kind of relationship won’t last.

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