When This Giant Horse Starts His Trot? Mind-Blowing!

The video below features one of the coolest horses you will ever see in your life. This giant Belgian draft horse is named Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest. When he stands in the field, he looks kind of on the heavy side, but Belgian horses are tall and broad, so he’s not abnormally large for a Belgian.

A horse this big might make you think he’s not graceful, but the moment he starts running, you forget everything else. His majestic aura is entirely captivating. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


This breed of horse is one of the most famous among breeders due to their sturdy structure. The typical adult Belgian Draft Horse can weigh in at more than 2,000 pounds! They are also the most massive horses in the world.

Belgium Draft Horses have tails that are typically long and thick, but the horse featured below has a docked tail. Owners usually do this so that the horses don’t trip on their tails or get it caught in a harness. Some places have banned the practice of docking as it is believed to be painful for the horse.

But this horse doesn’t seem bothered by his docked tail. He runs with grace and ease that is surprising for a horse this big. He is also fast. While he may not win the Kentucky Derby, it indeed is a beautiful thing to watch him run with such confidence and elegance.

Watch this stunning horse below! What are your thoughts about this majestic horse? Be sure to share them with us in the comments!


Sources: Madlyodd

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