This Historic Pic Is Not Edited – It’s An Actual Book

Mary Eileen Chesterton (December 20, 1949 – October 3, 1979), known professionally as Claudia Jennings, was an American actress and model. She subsequently pursued a career in acting, and was known as the “Queen of B movies“.[3] She passed away in an automobile accident in 1979.

In the picture we just showed to you it’s from an actual book. The book “Claudia Jennings: An Authorized Biography” by Eric J. Karell offers a comprehensive look into the life of Claudia Jennings, a prominent figure in 1970s American culture.


This biography is the first to be written with the consent of her family, providing an in-depth portrait of her life. The book covers her upbringing in the Midwest, her rise to fame and her subsequent career in cult cinema, earning her the title “Queen of B movies.” It also explores her personal relationships, including her connection with Hugh Hefner, and her struggles and triumphs within the entertainment industry.

Karell’s book features interviews with Jennings’ friends, family, and colleagues, revealing a complex and nurturing individual beyond her public persona. Additionally, it includes reviews of all her films, along with behind-the-scenes stories and rare photographs, offering fans and new readers alike a detailed glimpse into her life and legacy​ (Porchlight Book Company)​​ (johnrieber)​.

The book is a love story to Claudia Jennings, but it’s also candid – such as this story about Jennings’ appearance on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson. Jennings had been involved with the Host years before, and the book tells what happened the morning after her appearance on the show to promote her new movie “Deathsport”:

“The doorbell rang, and a deliveryman had this huge gift box for Claudia. She tore it open and there were three hundred pairs of s-xy p-nties from a shop called Trashy L-ngerie. Inside was a note from Johnn Carson: ‘Thanks for doing the show. I love you, see you at the beach house later, as usual.’”


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