She Began Singing “O Holy Night”. Now WATCH What Happens When Those Kids Join In…

She sends chills down my spine with her powerful and most beautiful voice.  This song, in particular, starts off on earth and raises you to the heavens.  

Her rising crescendos lift the soul and carry the spirit as high as any angel ever could. This is such a beautiful song for any day of the year. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


Christmas is just the most beautiful time of the year – as the song goes!  The stores are bustling with excited shoppers looking for bargains; homes are filled with the sweet fragrance of gingerbread and apple pie. Houses are decorated with twinkling lights, and snowmen decorate their yards… our hearts are merry and bright, and there’s hope in the air. It’s Christmas time again.

Susan Boyle Sings Christmas Music

And that also means Christmas music returns once again. This is what makes this season so memorable and merry. Just a single tune can take us back in time and bring back happy memories of better times. One of my favorites is O Holy Night. There’s just something about it that makes it the best Christmas song of all.

Well, it just so happens that Susan Boyle delivered one of the very best versions of O Holy Night that I have ever heard. If you enjoy Susan Boyle, you’ll enjoy her performance of O Holy Night that she sang live on TV.

Susan Boyle came to fame when she appeared on the hit television show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Many people were uncertain about her when she came onstage for her audition, but the moment she started singing with her incredible voice, everybody knew that she was going to win – and win she did! She is an astonishing success story.

In this breathtaking video, Susan sings her unique performance of “O Holy Night” for us, and it is just dazzling! A choir joins her onstage and together they collaborate to create one of the very best versions of “O Holy Night” you will ever hear! Not only that, the production values are out of this world…

The fresh, young faces in the choir behind her, the dim lighting, the white, sparkling Christmas lights, and Susan’s angelic voice make this rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ especially moving. It starts out with Susan singing very soft and low, wonderfully accentuated by the peaceful sounds of the talented children in the background, all dressed in white.

Then with each line, the tune gains power, momentum, enthusiasm, and volume. This beautiful, soul-moving performance of ‘O Holy Night’ will indeed touch your heart, and fill you with the holiday spirit. Enjoy this remarkable video below.


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