At The Prom, Four Teenage Boys Groove To 60’s Song, Then Their Dance Moves Suddenly Change

Over 3 million Hits for Prom Boy Quartet Dancing Performance – Covering From 50’s Music to Current

When your video clip of a stage performance on your prom night goes viral and get well over 3 million hits, it was surely a night to remember. Unlike what one might think these days, it went viral for all the right reasons. When the 4 boys entered the stage, expectations could not have been that high. After all, we know these guys… WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


Then thy start dancing very cutely, but not very synchronized to the 50’s hit “Stand by me”. Well, cute you think. Some kids still liking the old stuff. Then “The twist” gets them going and you start to get into their groove. Their original lack of synchronization seems to change into individual, but well structured and choreographed movements. Then suddenly, wow, “I Feel Good” and watching the boys you think you probably should as well.

Realizing that the quartet is taking on a musical sound trip through time, you are now spellbound. Their well-versed dance moves, now accompanied by some great aerobatic stunts, is taking you with great pace through the decades of music and the dance moves to echo the moves of the time.

Such an amazing performance! A six-minute and 30 seconds well choreographed, amazingly executed, blast through time. Not what you would expect as casual entertainment at a prom. This is on another level. When you post your video on the tube, you just have to believe that you are not alone in your praise for the great performance, as over 3 million people worldwide, spending the time to look at and enjoying it, cannot be wrong.


Sources: Madlyodd

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