School police officer says goodbye on his last day with amazing dance performance

There are many beloved school staff through the elementary to high school years. Teachers have an incredible impact on their students, but so does the support staff. In this heartwarming story, a school police officer has one of the best last-day send-offs anyone could hope for.

The officer has a plan. He is on the gym floor, surrounded by the student body in the bleachers. He has a bunch of kids from the school, and they have a dance routine prepared. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

The dancers wear school baseball jerseys as they circle around the officer. He wears his school police uniform the whole time. He starts dancing along with the students to the song ‘Lip Gloss.’

The audience is going wild, hooting, hollering, and clapping along with the beat. The officer bops to the beat while crossing his legs and jumping in the air.

The second song is ‘Can’t Touch This’ by M.C. Hammer. The classic rap song became famous for the fantastic dance known as ‘Hammer Time.’ The school police officer puts up his finger as if to tell the audience to wait for it, then he does the iconic dance step.

The crowd loses their mind! Then, the dance routine switches to the popular hip-hop song ‘Soldier Boy,’ which also has an infectious dance the team and the school officer pull off with style.

At the end of the performance, the students on the floor surround the officer and give him a group hug. Everyone smiled, and the dance routine was clearly a big hit. The students adored and respected the school police officer, as shown in his epic final goodbye to the school.


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Sources: Madlyodd

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