People Are Fuming After Jessica Simpson Posts No-Makeup Photo For Her 43rd Birthday

Her post said: “43 makeup free (kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes.)”

You can see her glowing in the picture as she was smiling from ear to ear for the camera. Her blonde hair looked nice and she had a lot of style. This included some jewelry that added to the sparkle.

Unfortunately, not all of the comments were positive. Some asked her about her skincare routine and others said that she never needed makeup because she was so beautiful.

There were some other comments from those who were impressed by her beauty but didn’t agree with how she labeled the picture. Rather than being makeup-free, they said that she actually had on lipgloss, mascara, and concealer.

One fan in particular thought that she was responsible for posting the picture and lying about it. They did say that she was lovely but it was easy to see the mascara. Putting that message out there was not responsible in their opinion.

Simpson had recently given an interview to express her concerns about how she wants to raise her daughters. She said that when she was pressured to post on social media, she realized that she had succumbed to those expectations and didn’t like it.

She didn’t appreciate having to post a picture because everybody was giving her the pressure to do so. After the picture was taken, she did some adjusting to it and then wondered what the effect would be for her daughter.

Many celebrities are now adjusting their pictures or wearing a lot of makeup in order to conceal their true looks. There are others, however, who are now going without makeup, and it is inspirational.

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