Irish dancers wow guests – but the bride is the one to watch

It started with one little girl showing her talent. But one girl becomes two. Then ten. Then you start wondering just what sort of wedding this is.

It starts with one little girl who’s quick on her feet. She begins dancing the way you would expect a dedicated Riverdance fan to start dancing. Tappity-tap-tap, right? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


Other little girls join her and it looks like everyone is in for an impromptu Riverdance show. So there’s all these talented kids giving the bride and groom a treat on their special day.

Well, it escalates from there. The bride disappears from the background of the video and reappears on the dancefloor with the girls. She knows the footwork they do.

You dig a little and you find out that it’s a wedding for a TCRG. The acronym isn’t in English. It’s a Gaelic phrase for a certified Irish step dance instructor. No wonder there were so many talented people at one wedding.

Either way, what the little girl started was a treat for everyone there. The bride certainly seemed to be enchanted by the proceedings. We say, Good Show!


Sources: Madlyodd

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