Handsome deputy stuns with his fancy footwork

When Deputy Estrada starts dancing to the music, you can’t help but smile. This officer is having so much fun with his swoops and turns, all in the name of recruitment.

The Git Up Dance challenge has taken the internet by storm, as public servants and defenders all over the country come together to boogey to Blanco Browns ‘The Git Up’. When the Bexar County Sheriff recruiting team in Texas got the challenge, they knew what they had to do. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


They called on Deputy Estrada, who is charismatic enough to pull off an amazing dance – plus, he’s got the moves to back it up! He’s so comfortable dancing and stomping to this new classic line dance song.

He begins the challenge video by standing with his arms crossed as the song starts in the background. You can already tell by his winning smile that he’s going to rock this challenge, but we weren’t expecting the moves.

He runs through the steps to the dance, paying attention to the commands in the lyrics. He goes right, left, spins, and dips with ease. He’s obviously comfortable in his skin, and his moves are flawless.

This Deputy has rhythm! It’s so entertaining to watch his performance, and we’ll bet that they had a lot of calls from fun-loving people just waiting to join the Bexar County Sheriff’s team.


Sources: Madlyodd

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