Native American brothers spin ‘Sound of Silence’ to hair-raising level

Nature dances to Wuauquikuna’s rendition of ‘The Sound of Silence.’ Luis and Fabian are the two brothers who make up the band, and they use their panflutes for the fantastic performance.

The brothers are Native Americans who love to do covers of famous songs. Their goal is to share their incredible culture with the world. They have been able to bring people together with their music. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW


They have chosen a beautiful day to go outside to cover the classic song originally written and performed by Simon & Garfunkel. The brothers certainly do the song justice and make it their own.

Native American brothers' pan flute rendition of 'Sound of Silence'

Across the grass, grains, and trees, the wind seems to bend and dance to the sounds made by Wuauquikuna. Around them, the land is lush and vibrant. Even the lake nearby appears to be more lively than usual.

Outdoors is where the brothers usually choose to do their performances. They love to get in touch with nature, and it is the right venue to match their sound.

Panflutes have a deep and rich sound, almost like the wind itself is singing. Together with nature, Wuauquikuna created a version of the song that the world has never heard before.

Anyone nearby is treated to their fantastic performance. The brothers never fail to create a unique cover that is truly calming and peaceful.


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