It’s the most popular song of all time, but when 1,500 people sing it? CHILLS! (VIDEO)

Oh, I have heard many renditions of “Hallelujah” and I have loved everyone, but this one is particularly breathtaking.

Imagine how it starts: Walking up to an industrial-style building that could be in anybody’s home town. You’ve seen many of them. This is the Heartland of America. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

When you walk in, you see it’s much more than you expected. One thousand five hundred people stand ready to sing this beloved classic that has taken the world by storm.

When Leonard Cohen wrote his seminal hit “Hallelujah” I often wonder if he knew just how popular it would become as a talent show audition number? Was he at all aware when he first penned those brilliant lyrics and powerful melody precisely what he was unleashing into the world?

It comes as no surprise then, that there’s probably at least a few hundred covers of it in the initial stages of talent shows around the world, so you’ve got to be pretty special to stand out.

Of course, it goes without saying that the greatest rendition of the tune belongs to Jeff Buckley, but everyone from Bob Dylan to Rufus Wainwright has had a crack at it.

But it takes 1,500 voices singing together in harmony to make you feel the power of “Hallelujah”. Just watch the video below and feel the energy of these voices. It just shows what you can accomplish with hard work and dedication.

Watch the video and let us know: Was it up there with the other renditions of the song? I’ll leave that decision up to you.

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