High School Dance Team Goes Viral – I’m Almost Afraid To Blink! (VIDEO)

There are a lot of exciting performances that you can watch, but high kick routines are definitely one of the most impressive as they are rare and require extraordinary talent. The high school dance team from Carroll High School in Texas, known as the Emerald Belles. Has all of the qualities mentioned above.

The video begins with the troupe of girls, all wearing matching outfits and makeup, standing together. Out of a sudden, they are all laying down on the floor aside from the one young lady in the center of the whole crowd. VIDEO BELOW


The crowd is in awe and they quickly get into the rhythm of the performance as they closely pay attention as to what’s going to happen next.

While the performance is still ongoing, as the viewer, you are almost afraid to blink! The girls are in such incredible sync with each other that you are merely mesmerized by all the action and movement happening at the same time.

The beauty of this performance is not just restrained to the girl’s dancing. You have to imagine the amount of hard work that the girls have put into this; until they got every single step of the dance perfectly down. There are what seems about over 50 girls in the Emerald Belles and, none of them messed up even once! That must prove difficult especially with so many eyes on you.

They complete their fantastic performance with them forming a triangle, having their own specific poses and that is when the crowd goes wild.


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