Judy Landers Confessed Her Former Crush on Johnny Carson in 1979 – Try Not To Gasp When You Learn Who Was Her Crush

When breathy blonde actress Judy Landers appeared on the Tonight Show in 1979,

she confessed to Johnny Carson that her appearance on the show was a dream-come-true because she once had a crush on



Landers, known for her roles in various TV shows and films during the 1970s and 1980s, was a guest on the show and openly admitted her admiration for Carson. During her interview, Landers revealed her affection for Carson, which led to a humorous exchange between them. Carson was known for his quick wit and charm, and he responded to Landers’ confession with his trademark humor, making light of the situation and keeping the audience entertained.

This moment became one of the memorable instances in the history of “The Tonight Show,” showcasing Carson’s ability to handle unexpected moments with grace and humor. Judy Landers’ candid confession added a touch of spontaneity to the show and further cemented Carson’s reputation as a beloved late-night host.

Carson was quick to respond, “When did the crush leave you?” Landers was questioned about her ability to drive a semi truck like her character in the television series, BJ and the Bear and she assured Carson that she knew how to drive a big rig. Carson seemed rather skeptical of her claim, but that was probably because Landers made a career out of playing the dumb blonde roles.


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