Smart Americans – Where Does The Pope Live? Try Not To Gasp By The Answer

ay Leno’s “Jaywalking” segments on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” were iconic. In these segments, Jay would go out onto the streets, often around Hollywood or Burbank, with a microphone and a camera crew. He would then approach random passersby, engaging them in conversation and asking them seemingly simple questions about general knowledge, current events, or pop culture.

The humor of these segments often stemmed from the fact that many of the people Jay interviewed would give hilariously incorrect or off-the-wall answers to questions that most viewers would consider basic knowledge. Sometimes, Jay would playfully rib the interviewees for their responses, but always in a good-natured manner. VIDEO BELOW


These segments became a beloved and recurring feature of “The Tonight Show,” showcasing Jay Leno’s affable personality and sharp wit, as well as providing entertainment through the sometimes surprising and amusing responses from the people he encountered on the streets.

The reason why this video has gone viral it’s all for the right reasons. Jay Leno’s question was Where does the Pope live? And her answer is in England, Leno continues: Where in England, she then responds in Paris. Watch the video below


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