This Photo Is Not Edited – Look Closer It’s From A TV Commercial In 1996 Pamela Grabbing Pizza

If you ever thought the ’90s were all about funky fashion and cool vibes, well, you’re right. And guess what? One of the coolest things from that era was a TV commercial featuring the one and only Pamela Anderson. Yep, the same Pamela from “Baywatch” and all those magazines.

So, what’s the deal with this commercial? Well, it’s simple. It’s all about Pizza Hut, the pizza place that was a big deal back then (and still is, really). In the ad, Pamela shows up, looking as glamorous as ever, and does her thing with pizza. No fancy editing, just Pamela being Pamela and enjoying some cheesy goodness.


Now, you might wonder why Pamela Anderson, of all people, was in a pizza commercial. Well, back then, Pizza Hut was all about grabbing people’s attention. And who better to do that than a mega-star like Pamela?

So, next time you’re scrolling through old photos or watching retro commercials on YouTube, keep an eye out for that Pizza Hut ad with Pamela Anderson. It’s a little slice of ’90s nostalgia that’ll make you smile and maybe even crave some pizza.

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