Eighty-Year-Old Janey Cutler Gives a Moving Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

In 2010, Janey Cutler entered the audition stage of Britain’s Got Talent. The 80-year-old great-grandmother from Wishaw, Scotland had never before performed on such a stage, having only previously sung in pubs and clubs. But, at the urging of her friends, she had decided to give the talent show a go. “Better late than never,” she told the cameras before her performance.

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Cutler was somewhat frail as she made her way to the stage. Indeed, she had to be helped by Ant McPartlin, who could see that she was struggling to get there on her own. Once on the stage, Simon Cowell had to repeat a couple of his questions so that she could hear them. On revealing her age, the crowd cheered encouragingly, in admiration for her bravery in taking to the stage. Cutler informed the judges that she would be singing Edith Piaf’s classic song “No Regrets”.

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